Regions covered

U.S. Military families

Ages served

From birth through 8.5 years old

Community sponsor

PJ Library is provided to U.S. Military families by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.


Janine Acevedo
Manager, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council®

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About this Community

Jews serve in the military -- and so do their families! At the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, we're working hard to support your unique needs and challenges of being a Jewish military family. This means being located all over the world, often in places where Jewish materials are not easily accessible. That's why we're delighted to send you the gift of a PJ Library book each month and help create a connection between you and other Jewish families, even if the closest Jewish community is miles (or time zones!) away. Families just like yours share stories of great conversations started by reading PJ Library books and we look forward to hearing about how your family uses these wonderful stories to connect with our tradition and with each other. JWB Jewish Chaplains Council is proud to be your local PJ Library community, no matter where in the world you are stationed.

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, a service of JCC Association, provides support and advocacy for the approximately 10,000 Jewish men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces, to the Veterans Administration, and to their families. JWB meets the religious, educational, and spiritual needs of Jewish military personnel in a truly pluralistic manner.

We are proud to provide programming and support for military families all over the world. Click here to connect with us so we can welcome you personally and share ways you can connect with both your local Jewish community and the military Jewish community.