Regions covered

Central Texas/Austin Area

Ages served

From birth through 8.5 years old

Community sponsor

Phil and Adam Loewy,
The Clifford Zeifman Family,
and Shalom Austin


Alachua Nazarenko, MJEd.
Education & Engagement Director
(512) 735-8052

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About this Community

Shalom Austin (formerly the Jewish Community Association of Austin) knows the Jewish people of Austin will live their best lives when they can access a vibrant, thriving community of people who share a culture of common life experiences. Shalom Austin empowers the people and organizations that make a difference in our Jewish community. We provide leadership, financial support, services, facilities and connections with people and Jewish organizations throughout Austin, Israel and the world.

The mission of Shalom Austin is to enhance the quality of Jewish life in the greater Austin area and around the world through philanthropy, education, social service, culture, spirituality and total wellness.