The Key from Spain: Flory Jagoda and Her Music

Written by
Illustrated by
Ages: 8+ Years
Last Sent to Families: May 2020


Young Flory’s ancestors left Spain generations ago when it became unsafe for Jews, taking with them two important possessions: the key to their house in Spain, in hopes that one day they could return, and the music of their Sephardic heritage. When Flory grows up, she finds she must leave her home, too -- but the music of her ancestry follows her wherever she goes.

Big Question

Which family treasures do you carry with you?

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What Other Families Say About This Book

"I love stories based in historical fiction. I hope to receive this book one day and read it with our kiddos. This is one of their favorite Chanukah songs."
"We absolutely loved this book. My daughter was able to share this story with her school friends who didn’t know about Flory. The illustration in this book brought me to tears at some points, it was so beautifully poignant. Another winner from PJ. "