Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

Written by
Illustrated by
Ages: 6 to 7 Years
Last Sent to Families: October 2020


Lucky Sophie has two grandmas, Bubbe and Nai Nai, and they both love to cook. Each grandma has her own family recipe for chicken soup -- and each soup is yummy! As Sophie learns more about these soups, she soon realizes they're actually very similar, even though they've each got their own delicious flavor.

Big Question

When do our differences show how we're the same?

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What Other Families Say About This Book

"I have a Jewish friend who is expecting her Chinese Jewish grandchild. I cannot wait to recommend it."
"My kids are loving this book! It’s such a cute story and relatable too. Now they want me to make different types of soups for them of course :) "