Become a PJ Library or PJ Our Way Author or Illustrator

*Video art by Sara Varon

Are you an author, author-illustrator, graphic novelist, agent, or publisher who has a Jewish children’s story to share? If so, we want to read it! Here’s your guide to working with PJ Library and PJ Our Way:

PJ Library

As PJ Library’s book selection committee reviews books and manuscripts for children from birth to 8 through years, it asks:

  •  Is this story suited for children from zero to nine years old?
  •  Is the text (and illustrations, if available) engaging for young children and their parents?
  •  Is the content appropriate to the PJ Library mission? Does the book contain a message of strong Jewish values?
  • Will children want to return to this book again and again?
  •  Does the book reflect historical Jewish life, contemporary Jewish life, or some valuable aspect of the Jewish experience?
  • Will this book prompt family discussions about Jewish topics and lead families to consider making Jewish choices?

Due to the age of its participants, PJ Library does not send out reference books or books that deal with the Holocaust. Currently PJ Library does not send out books that deal with the death or end-of-life of a loved one, but does maintain such a list for families and educators. PJ Library also does not send out workbooks or activity books as part of its regular monthly mailings.

PJ Our Way

PJ Our Way’s book selection committee assesses submissions using the following guidelines:

  • The submission should reflect historical Jewish life, contemporary Jewish life, or some valuable aspect of Jewish experience.
  • The submission should contain strong Jewish characters and content, where Jewish identity plays a positive role, but we want the Jewish content to be natural – we don’t want to be all message and no story!
  • The content needs to be age-appropriate. We avoid content that might make tweens or their parents uncomfortable, which means no alcohol or drugs, no bad language, and any romance needs to be very innocent.
  • Holocaust content is generally avoided. We do occasionally include a book that touches on aspects of the subject, like Now and Black Radishes. Please do not submit a book with any graphic material or one that is set in the camps or ghettos. We are more likely to consider second generation or refugee stories with a hopeful message.

PJ Our Way’s high-interest areas include humor, graphic novels, fantasy and magic (with a Jewish twist), series, historical fiction, fun non-fiction, and simple biographies (such as the Who Is/Who Was series from Penguin Random House).