Spend Time with the Torah: Family Resources for Learning, Discussions, and More

Simchat Torah in the old Abuhav synagogue, Safed (Tzfat)

The Torah (the first five books of the Bible) is the foundational story of the Jewish people. Each new year, on the holiday of Simchat Torah (Hebrew for “rejoicing with the Torah”), it’s traditional to roll the Torah scroll all the way back to the beginning and to start a fresh reading of the Torah, week by week over the course of a year – starting with the Creation story in the Book of Genesis. Each year we grow and change, and so our reading of the Torah also grows and changes.

Is your family interested in reading, discussing and/or re-enacting Torah stories this coming year? Here are several resources that may help you along the way:

Videos For Kids:

Here are a few sample videos that introduce Torah stories and ideas, for kids and parents. You can search online for more videos by the same producers.

Shalom Sesame:

Genesis: The Creation story

Genesis: Abraham and Sarah welcoming guests


The first light

Abraham’s antenna

Blogs For Families to Explore Together

Here are sample blogs with Torah story summaries and prompts for family conversations. 929 is a project that makes all 929 chapters of the Bible accessible to everyone. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was a leading contemporary thinker and Torah commentator.

Beginning With the Good via 929

The Three Stages of Creation: Family Edition via Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Blogs and Articles For Parents

Here are sample blogs that relate the weekly Torah portion to our lives as parents and reflective adults. You can search these sites for more blogs.

The Creation Story via Kveller

Genesis Chapter 1 via 929

The Genesis of Justice via Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Print Magazine

Here is a sample magazine (for age 7 and up) that explores content and ideas for each week’s Torah portion. You can contact the Hadar Institute to learn more.



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