Tashlich for Kids: Make a “Letting Go” Collage

A big part of celebrating the Jewish new year is looking back on the previous year, asking forgiveness from people you might have hurt, and working to do better in the new year. The ritual of tashlich is a powerful way of letting go of your mistakes by “throwing away” sins, represented by small objects like breadcrumbs or pieces of paper. Here’s another way to use these symbolic scraps and also keep them as a reminder during the rest of the year: turn them into art!

This Activity Works With These Books:


  • Piece of large poster board
  • Colorful/patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker
  • Glue


  • Anytime you need to say sorry to someone for something you’ve done wrong, do your best to make it right. Then, write or draw a picture of it on a small piece of colorful paper (for example, “I didn’t share my toy with my sister”).
  • Cut the paper into small pieces so that you can’t read the words anymore.
  • Glue these pieces onto the poster board in any design you like.
  • Continue to add different colored paper each time, letting go of your mistakes as you create something new and beautiful.


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