Why We Chose This Book: Sukkot Treasure Hunt

Sukkot Treasure Hunt, a book that many 7-yearolds will receive this fall, does not look like your typical PJ Library book. Instead of hand-drawn illustrations the book features clear, colorful photographs by Eliyahu Alpern. Rather than weaving a fictional tale, this book presents a true, autobiographical account of the way in which one contemporary Israeli family prepares for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Set in the hills and valleys surrounding Tzefat, Allison Ofanansky’s stunning photo-essay chronicles the adventures of a young girl and her parents as they hike through the countryside in search of the four species -- a combination of three different kinds of branches and a citrus fruit called an etrog that the family will hold in their hands and shake on Sukkot to commemorate the Biblical harvest season.

Because the Book Selection Committee is committed to sending families books of all different types and genres, we were delighted to have found this fascinating nonfiction Sukkot book. Recent educational research reveals that young children crave realistic, factual books. With its captivating photos, real-life narrative, and inclusion of intriguing facts about the plants and animals of Israel, Sukkot Treasure Hunt is guaranteed to satisfy children’s hunger for true stories, while arousing curiosity about Israel and the holiday of Sukkot. Perhaps the book will even inspire you to embark on an outdoor treasure hunt of your own.

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