Shaboom! Episode 9: Get Along, Gang

Another episode of Shaboom! is here! Created in partnership with PJ Library, this playful series from BimBam makes use of the same fun, educational, format as shows like Little Einsteins or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but with the bonus of Jewish values and themes built in to each story. In this week's episode we learn about shalom bayit, peace in the home.

All is not well at the top of the rainbow - Gabi and Rafael are driving each other crazy! When the Plony-scope goes off, the Sparks find that things are not much better at the Plonys. Lila and Ben are fighting over just about everything - including the super cool monkey bath towel. Everyone is in need of a lesson in shalom bayit, keeping peace in the home.



Cooperating, sharing, taking turns -- all of these things help contribute to shalom bayit. If your kids fight over who gets to help with the challah on Shabbat, or whose turn it is to take out the trash, take a cue from Mama Plony and assign rotating roles and responsibilities. Making a chore chart can also help. The blog, My Life and Kids, has a list of 21 of the Best Chore Charts that you can create at home. 

As Ben and Lila find out, letting tempers flare can also be destructive. Encourage kids to check in with themselves when they start to get frustrated with a sibling, and with each other. Make a "Get Along Jar" to encourage communication and squash fights before they get started.

image via Kidspot Parenting

Setting routines and check ins to rhymes and songs makes clean up time go quicker and helps kids learn to do a bit of self care if a situation gets heated. Many preschool teachers use the mantra "when you're mad and want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four," to help young children learn frustration tolerance and self care.

To attain shalom bayit, family members listen carefully to one another, treat one another with respect, willingly cooperate with one another, and graciously forgive mistakes. Peace in the home is a collaborative effort. Show your children that conflict can be healthy for a family, and involve them in helping make your home into a harmonious, safe environment.

For further reading for parents, check out Carla Naumburg's piece, "5 Ways I Keep the Peace in my House." 

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