Shaboom! Episode 8: Finders Returners

Another episode of Shaboom! is here! Created in partnership with PJ Library, this playful series from BimBam makes use of the same fun, educational, format as shows like Little Einsteins or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but with the bonus of Jewish values and themes built in to each story. In this week's episode we learn about hashavat aveidah, the Jewish commandment to return lost objects.

Ben Plony doesn't understand why he can't keep the awesome Legends of Latke action figure he's found – and neither does Papa Plony. When Lila loses Dagwood, her beloved stuffed dragon, the whole Plony family learns a new lesson about making sure lost items make it back to their owners. 


Kids may not easily understand why it is that they can't just keep the cool thing they found but they do make connections and understand emotions like sadness and happiness. When Lila loses her dragon, Ben starts to understand that "finders keepers, losers weepers" means the "losers" get hurt. By helping Lila find Dagwood, Ben realizes that the owner of the Legends of Latke figure is probably also missing their special toy.

When talking about hashavat aveidah, remind kids that it's perfectly alright to want something cool or unique -- what's not okay is keeping something that belongs to someone else. To help children internalize the message, sing along with the Sparks: "find something, you may like it too, but that doesn't mean it belongs to you!"

Guests frequently leave behind stuffed animals at hotels. One staffer at the Hidden Pond Hotel made a booklet for a young guest to show him that his favorite stuffed animals were safe and happy, while they were away from him. When the hotel sent the animals back, the booklet was included, creating a happy memory out of a stressful situation. This is a great example of hashavat aveidah. 

If your children find a toy or special item that belongs to someone else, encourage them to care for it until you find it's proper owner. You can create a photo album like the staffers at Hidden Pond did, or just write a nice note or story about how you cared for the object while you had it. Our selection Found by Salina Yoon is a wonderful example of someone working to keep another person's precious bunny safe and sound. To see more stories about hashavat aveidah, visit our book list.

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