Why We Chose This Book: Hanukkah in Little Havana

Hanukkah in Little Havana book cover

Jewish food is rich and varied thanks to the diversity of the Jewish diaspora. And, as all PJ Library subscribers know, one of the most wonderful aspects of Jewish holidays is the food. Hanukkah in Little Havana by Julie Anna Blank highlights a delicious Hanukkah treat, buñuelos (almond fritters), a Hanukkah favorite in many Sephardi (Spanish and Portuguese) communities.

Wherever Jews have lived, we have had an impact on the culture around us, and those surrounding cultures have also had an impact on us. The results are often delicious! This sweet story is set in Miami and offers a wonderful window into Cuban and Sephardic cultures and traditions as two siblings vacation with their grandparents, Nonno and Nonna, for a special Hanukkah.

The Book Selection Committee knows families will love the lively illustrations and lovely sensory moments that fill the story as much as we do. We also hope that anyone whose family already makes buñuelos will be excited to recognize their traditions in this story, and that anyone who has never tasted a buñuelo might be inspired to try one!