Finding Comfort in Music: Three Israeli Songs to Listen to as a Family

If you or your loved ones need some support, here are three beautiful songs that may provide comfort and solace.

My Child

Music and lyrics by Hanan and Hadas Ben Ari, performed by Hanan Ben Ari

My child
What wakes you at night?
What scares you at night?
My child
What wakes you at night?
What shakes you at night?
Come to me, hug me
Come, sleep next to me (without Mommy feeling it)
Just for tonight

Morning rises out the window
Look, you conquered the darkness!
My child

Quiet Days

Music by Avi Grainik, lyrics by Yarden Bar Kochva, performed by Lola

Quiet days are coming
After the loud, terrible noise
We can relax a little on the porch
And pick up fragments of the storm
Quiet days are coming
I’ve almost forgotten how they look
Now we can open the door
And send birds into the wind

We’ll go to the window to see
If the rain has stopped falling
Maybe there’s land in the distance
Two by two
We’ll look to the sky
And wait together for the dove

Touch the Dream

Music and lyrics by Shalom Hanoch, sung by Noa

Now it’s gone
Now it’s passed
Like the edge of a dream
Time, like sand, slipped between my fingers
Now it’s gone
Now it’s passed
Maybe forever
A circle closed
And you're still here