Turn Your Sukkah Into A Scrapbook

decorated sukkah

So, you're ready to build your first sukkah--that's awesome! Whether you're erecting a structure that fits 12 people in your backyard, or putting up a small fort in your living room, building--and decorating--a sukkah is one of the most fun aspects of the holiday.

Like the High Holidays, this year our Sukkot celebrations may be smaller, or quieter. Sukkot is a holiday about shelter and staying safe. So even if you don't have a sukkah, our houses during a quarantine or shelter in place order are like a sukkah that help to protect us and our neighbors and where for the briefest of moments, we try to channel joy. The activity below is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones with you, even if they can't be in your sukkah physically.

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This Activity Works With These Books:


  • Holiday cards and post cards from family and friends
  • Your children's art work
  • String
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins or hooks


  • Stretch a piece of yarn or string between two points in your sukkah 
  • Use clothespins or tape to affix cards and art pieces to the yarn (like a clothesline)
  • Tape cards and photos to the walls of your sukkah
  • Get creative and have fun

TIP: You can also stretch a long piece of tape between two points in your sukkah and have fun sticking art, cards, and other paper items to it, like a giant collage


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