Videos to Help Parents and Kids Talk About Scary Situations

Young child hugging their mother

Right now many parents are being forced to have tough conversations about anti-Semitism with their kids sooner than they’d hoped. We want parents to know that you don’t have to have those conversations on your own. We truly believe books are an invitation into community – that books can open the door to important and beautiful conversations in families about what they believe and value and why.

In some parts of the country, PJ Library is the only tie some Jews have to a Jewish community. We take that role seriously and strive to make sure parents are equipped to raise their child with the values they themselves hold dear.

The videos below are meant to be a supplement to the guides How to Talk to Children About Anti-Semitism and How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary Situations.

For Kids

You can watch these videos with your children to help them cope with difficult news or process and talk with you.

Big Bird’s Comfy Cozy Nest
from Sesame Street in Communities

Big Bird is feeling a lot of things after something scary happens. He feels sad, anxious, a little mad even—and he doesn’t know what to do. His friend Alan helps Big Bird imagine a safe place in which he can feel calm and peaceful.

WHEN SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENS: Resources to Help Families Cope in Emergencies and Other Challenging Times
from PBS Kids

This playlist features videos from beloved characters Daniel Tiger and Arthur and help walk children and parents through being prepared for emergencies, following directions, talking through feelings, and helping afterwards. Although these videos focus more on storms and natural disasters, the content is also relevant for young children trying to cope with news about frightening or scary situations. Knowing a plan and what to do in an emergency helps kids feel empowered.

For Parents

Dealing with Community Violence
from Sesame Street  in Communities

Rosita has heard about a tragic event and is worried. Alan answers her questions and also offers some tips for parents and care givers who may be watching too.

Tips on Talking to a Child after a Disaster 
from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. David Hill, spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers some simple tips on how to talk to children after a disaster.


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