Children and the Leaves of Autumn

Children and the Leaves of AutumnIT'S FALL, AND TREES ARE DROPPING colorful leaves. It’s a great time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get back to nature for a while.

Whether by going for a hike, an excursion to a nearby apple farm, or just for a nature walk in the park, make sure to experience the beauty of a brisk fall day with your family.

Here are some Jewish ideas for your family’s leafy pleasure.

While on a nature walk, honor your Jewish roots by pointing out the names of some common trees in Hebrew to your children.

As points out in their article "Jewish Tree Names for Fall," naming your child after a tree in English may seem unusual, but in Hebrew it’s not uncommon at all—and the names actually work.

Pointing out the names of common trees is not only a fun way to teach your children some fun Hebrew words, but it could also lead to interesting discussions about the origins of their own names. Why was your child was given the name they have? Does your child’s personality fit the traits associated with the origin of their name?

What better way to celebrate the vibrant fall colors than with fall-related arts and crafts? Here are a few suggestions that will leave your home looking festive:

  • Make a Leaf Collage
    Always an easy fall favorite is creating a stunning collage of leaves. While on a walk, have your children gather up colorful leaves. Glue the leaves to a poster board or piece of colored construction paper. Hang it on a wall to creatue a mural.Older children can use scissors to cut the leaves into intricate shapes before gluing to paper. The smaller shapes will enable them to create complex patterns and images—and even illustrations. (Use story scenes from your favorite PJ books for inspiration!)

  • Pressed Leaves in Wax Paper
    In the article "Fun With Wax Paper: Pressed Leaf & Flower Art!" from the blog Creative Jewish Mom, the author outlines a great project for children of all ages. By encasing pressed leaves in wax paper and hanging them in the windows, the author says, you can create lasting art that will give your home a warm Autumn glow.

  • Decorate the Shabbat Table
    As writer Molly Tolsky tells us, "There are plenty of great craft projects that offer an easy way to bring the spirit of the season into your home." One of the more colorful ideas she dug up is the "Luminous Leaf Lantern" from Twig and Toadstool. This beautiful leaf-covered lantern is a great way to spruce up your Shabbat table.

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