Easy Kid Craft: Colorful Gratitude Sticks

Gratitude Stick

Jewish tradition has plenty of examples of miraculous and magical sticks. Consider the story of the Exodus from Egypt: Moses and Aaron stand before Pharaoh, and Moses’ rod turns into a snake. When the freed Israelites are thirsty in the desert, Moses hits his rod against a rock, and water gushes out. And when the people grow rebellious, Aaron gathers the rods of all the tribal heads – but only his own rod miraculously sprouts flowers, thereby silencing his critics.

At dinnertime, use your gratitude stick as a conversation prompt. Pass it around the table and take turns reflecting on the things you’re grateful for.

Gratitude Stick Items - Sticks, yarn, beads

This Activity Works With These Books:

Joha Makes a Wish
Much, Much Better
It Could Always Be Worse


This Activity Is Best For Ages:

6 and up


Sticks and twigs in various sizes
Yarn in various colors
Beads (optional)


  1. Go outside and find a good stick or twig. Nothing too big or sharp.
  2. Cut a few lengths of yarn to about two feet long. (You can string beads onto some of them for added texture.)
  3. Tightly tie one end of each length of yarn to one end of the stick.
  4. Now wrap the lengths of yarn up and down the stick. When you reach the ends of the yarn, knot them in place.


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