Singing (and Dancing) Through Hanukkah

In December PJ Library sends music albums to families. Here are some more videos to get you moving, grooving, shimmying, shaking, and laughing through wintry nights.


PJ Library artist, The Macaroons, just debuted an adorable new video for their song "10 Days of Hanukkah." Yes, you heard that correctly, 10 days of Hanukkah, because Hanukkah is so awesome the festival deserves two bonus days. Count along with The Macaroons and you'll definitely have a smile on your face.

Parents won't mind getting this fun version of "Dreidel" by the Shir Soul Singers stuck in their heads and, bonus, the video itself can help kids understand the musical concepts of melody and harmony.

Since Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, "Shed a Little Light" is also a fitting watch. Sing along, dance along, and chat with your family about how you can "shed a little light" into your community through tzedakah, doing good deeds, and welcoming guests

FOR OLDER CHILDREN tackles the Hanukkah story with a rock of ages montage featuring rockabilly, twisting, disco, and impressive dance moves.

You can also "throw back the darkness" with The Fountainheads:

Parents, you might have to explain the movie references in the video if you watch it together. Or you can skip the "Well you see, it was the late 90s" conversation and just listen to the great song.

If your tween is interested in reggae or hip hop, turn on Matisyahu's "Happy Hanukkah."

Instead of "shake, shake, shakin'" you can count up to "eight, eight, eight" with Six13's "Shake it Off" parody, "Chanukah."


It's hard to pick just one pop parody from The Maccabeats, so we didn't! Brush up on the Hanukkah story with "Candelight" or perfect your latke flips. We dare you not to dance!


Want more? See all of The Maccabeats' Hannukah videos in this playlist.

Happy Hanukkah! Find Hanukkah activities, recipes, story ideas, and more on the PJ Library Hanukkah hub.