Eight More Ideas for Hanukkah Family Nights

Each night of Hanukkah provides a new opportunity for families to spend quality time together. To help inspire Jewish family moments this Hanukkah, here's a list of possible evening themes.

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At PJ Library, we believe every night is book night (that's why it's our No. 1 suggestion).


As a family, ante up coins. Each player chooses a tzedakah recipient, and all the dreidel winnings are donated to the tzedakah cause of the winner's choice. Click here to learn how to play.


Invite someone over. It could be someone who doesn't celebrate the holiday or maybe just someone without any family nearby. Share your family Hanukkah traditions.


Call a friend or relative and read a story together over the phone. Better yet, use Skype or FaceTime to light candles together, say blessings, make a recipe,` or read stories together. For more ideas, see How to Keep in Touch With Grandparents.



Get those creative juices flowing. Make Hanukkah gifts for friends or family members by hand. Need some ideas? Check out  12 Hanukkah Activities We Love. The website, Little Loving Hands also sends families boxes that include DIY and crafting ideas that help people in need. 


Watch something Jewish with friends or family. Don't know where to start? Check out Shaboom! You can also stream a Hanukkah themed movie or special or head over to YouTube to watch some Hanukkah themed videos. We're big fans of The Maccabeats' Perfect Latke Recipe.


One of the tastiest Hanukkah traditions involves eating foods cooked in oil. Sufganiyot are delicious fried jelly donuts. Grab some from your local donut shop, or make your own with this recipe.


Join with another family to visit a local senior facility or read a story to elderly neighbors. Consider having your children go through toy closets to pull out donations for the local family homeless shelter. Need more ideas? Read this post or check out PJ Library stories like Just Enough and Not Too Much and How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box.

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