Gobble Tov! Thanksgivukkah Crafts for Children

Thanksgivukkah Craft Ideas for KidsTHIS YEAR, the first full day of Hanukkah is falling on Thanksgiving — and it won’t happen for another 70,000+ years. With that convergence of the holidays comes … fun!

Homes throughout the U.S. will be blessed this Thanksgiving with families and friends, gathered to enjoy each other’s company and to light the menorah for Hanukkah. In many homes, it is customary for each member of the family to have his/her own Hanukkah menorah to light.



Why not allow your children to create their own Thanksgiving … er, Hanukkah menorahs this year?


The term “Thanksgivukkah” is being given to the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. With it has come a host of creative ideas and inventions. Gobble Tov to innovation!


Among the creative ideas is the Menurkey. Invented by New York City 9-year-old Asher Weintraub, the "Menurkey" is a turkey-shaped menorah made of plaster. Weintraub, with help from his father, launched a Menurkey Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for his holiday novelty.

Your children can use the story of Weintraub and his Menurkey to inspire their own Thanksgivukkah crafts. For example:
  • Pumpkin Menorah
    The blog, Thanksgivukkah, “uses pumpkins to bring a seasonal vibe to your holiday table.”

Don’t want to limit your menorah creativity to turkeys and gravy boats? Then put a unique spin on one of these more traditional (but no less fabulous) homemade menorahs:

  • Plaster of Paris Menorah
    Kveller.com writer Tali Buchler offers instructions for “very simple menorahs that can decorate your table.”
Need ideas for the “pre-match crowd”? Consider one of these safe ideas:
  • Lego Menorahs
    The Bible Belt Balabusta shows off “a few ultra-safe models that use LEGO bits as flames.”
  • Glittery Menorah
    One more from the Creative Jewish Mom — this time using glitter rather than fire.


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