Are You Ready for Summer Camp? A Family Discussion Guide

Two kids kayaking

Being Jewish is a little like being part of a huge worldwide family. Like a family, the Jewish people have a common history, a common language (though many of us aren’t fluent!), and many traditions. Jewish summer camp provides a safe, warm community where kids can find their place in the larger Jewish family. Camp friendships can last into adulthood, and songs, games, and activities are remembered and passed down to the next generation. At Jewish summer camp, Judaism comes alive with action, new experiences, and most of all, rollicking good times.

While some children may be nervous about heading to camp for the first time (especially overnight camp), we can remind them that when we’re part of a community (kehilla in Hebrew), everything is better. Here are a few questions you can ask your kids to prepare for their first camp experience:


Do you know anyone who has been to overnight camp? What did they like about it?

What kind of kid are you today? Have you always been that kind of kid?

Are there new things you’re excited to try at camp? Any you feel scared to try?

When you go to overnight camp, what would you like to take with you?

What familiar activities would you like to do at camp?

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