Why We Chose This Book: Dream Big, Laugh Often and More Great Advice From the Bible

Dream Big, Laugh Often is an imaginative and inspiring book that gives ancient characters such great new life that families will want to leave extra time to soak in every page.

Authors Hanoch Piven and Shira Hecht-Koller introduce us to well-known biblical figures like Eve, Miriam, and David, plus some who may not be as familiar. Readers are given a short, engaging part of each one's tale—always a portion that contains an empowering piece of advice. Subscribers need not be Bible scholars to enjoy the wisdom of these fantastic vignettes.

And of course, there’s the art. Through mesmerizing collage, Hanoch Piven has masterfully arranged found items. Each icon's story is depicted with imagery that works on many levels, offering new discoveries with every visit for a long time to come. We’re proud to have this book in our lineup.


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