5 Rugelach Recipes Kids Can Make

Chocolate rugelach

Mmmm, rugelach, that tasty, flaky, Jewish pastry filled with chocolate or jam. As it turns out, rugelach is pretty easy to make and kids can help with measuring, mixing, and rolling out the dough. Try one of these recipes with your family today. Be sure to share photos of your confections with us on Instagram using #pjlibrary.

Basic Recipe

Before you can get too fancy, you need to master the basics and master you will with this helpful video from The Nosher. Fun fact--that pizza cutter trick also works for cutting up sandwiches for picky toddlers. 

Kids In The Kitchen Rugelach

This kid-proven recipe comes from the Weelicious'. This simple six ingredient recipe is a snap to prepare and leaves room for kids to experiment with their own fillings too. Get the recipe here.

Two Ingredient Rugelach

2 Ingredient Rugelach
image via The Nosher

Yes, you read that correctly--two ingredients. This genius baking hack courtesy of The Nosher involves puff pastry and a premade filling of your choice like cookie butter or hazelnut spread. Keep this trick in your back pocket for the next time you have to make treats for a bake sale.

Red Bean Rugelach

Red Bean Rugelach from Serious Eats
image via Serious Eats

It's fusion rugelach! This recipe uses adzuki bean paste, a staple in Asian desserts as the filling. It's extremely tasty and a great way to mix up your "rugelach routine."

Vegan Chocolate Rugelach

Vegan Chocolate Rugelach from Kosher in the Kitch

If you're baking for someone with an egg or dairy allergy, use this yummy recipe from Kosher in the Ki. You can also use the dough recipe and substitute in other fillings like jam, cheese, or cookie butter.

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