Shaboom! Episode 5: All The Respect

PJ Library has partnered with BimBam to bring a fun, educational, webseries, Shaboom! to life. If your kids love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Little Einsteins, they'll love Shaboom!  The show makes use of the same playful, educational, vibe but with the bonus of Jewish values and themes built in to each story. In this week's episode we learn about the value of kavodor respect.

We give kavod to each other because it is the right thing to do. By teaching children to celebrate differences, we help them view the world through multiple perspectives. To start a conversation about respect, honor, and kavod, read stories like The Only One Club, All Kinds of Strong, or Do Unto Otters.

Respecting and understanding diversity is also part of learning about kavod. Cooking and tasting foods from different cultures is a great way to organically introduce children to diversity. Pick a type of food that your family likes to eat together: soup, bread, or dips, for example, and look at the ways different cultures and countries make and eat that food. 

The FarFaria Storybook app also offers access to multicultural books, folktales, and stories from around the world, featuring children of diverse backgrounds. These can be a great supplement to your PJ Library books and Shaboom! videos.

Catch all of Gabi and Rafael's adventures on BimBam or check in right here on the PJ blog. We'll post new episodes each week. Or download the app!


For more information visit the Shaboom! Resources for Parents.

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