Why We Chose This Book: A Persian Passover

Persian Passover

We love sharing stories featuring the diversity of Jewish people and traditions worldwide and through time. A Persian Passover, written by Etan Basseri and illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh, offers a glimpse at the beautiful ways that some Persian Jews celebrated Passover in 1950s Iran.

The taste of hallaq, Persian-style charoset, and the smell of fresh herbs at the open market pervade this story’s rich setting. Siblings Roza and Ezra bring us to their community oven, where families take flour to be prepared and baked into matzah according to a specific tradition. But Ezra’s plan to rush their matzah home for the seder hits a speed bump, leading to a crumby (and crummy) problem. Read A Persian Passover with your family and see how a community that bakes together also comes together to help two kiddos in need.


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