Make Your Own Plague Props

At Passover, we’re asked to imagine that we personally are experiencing what the Israelites went through. One way to bring the story alive is to use props. You can buy a ready-made “plague kit” online, or pull together items around the house to represent the plagues. These ideas are inspired by the Bible Belt Balabusta, but feel free to come up with your own.

It’s also helpful to remember that as we share the Passover story, we’re grateful that extraordinary things happened to help the Israelites go free, but we’re also sad that other people suffered while we were saved. This is why during the seder, we acknowledge this complicated juxtaposition by dropping a little bit of wine on our plates for each plague, lessening our joy a little bit as we consider how other people suffered.

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This Activity Works With These Books:


  • Blood: red craft paper 
  • Frogs: plastic or stuffed frog toys 
  • Lice: plastic bugs 
  • Wild beasts: stuffed lion, tiger, or bear 
  • Cattle disease: toy cow (put a bandage on it!) 
  • Boils: red dot stickers 
  • Hail: tennis balls 
  • Locusts: more plastic bugs 
  • Darkness: sunglasses or sleep masks 
  • Slaying of the firstborn: poison (skull and crossbones) symbol


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