5 Ways to Keep In Touch While Social Distancing

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As communities seek to lower the impact of COVID-19, many families are practicing what is known as social distancing, or, staying home and away from visitors.

Right now your children (or you) are probably missing school friends, grandparents, or summer camp pals. But just because you can’t see someone in person doesn’t mean you can’t still connect. Here are five easy ways to keep in touch despite the distance.

Video Calls and Conferences

Family video chatting on iPad

Lean in to some extra screen time while kids are home and let them video chat or face time regularly with friends. Do you have a neighborhood Facebook group? Organize an online watch party or invite folks to a half hour Zoom or Skype chat so you can all see each other, even virtually.

Write Letters

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Turn your recycling into special pop-up cards, decorate post cards, or write letters. Work with what you’ve got around the house. If you’re out on a walk and safely keeping your distance from others, drop a few special items in your friend’s mailboxes.

Phone Calls

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Even if you can’t see someone face to face, you can hear their voice. Set up a daily five minute check-in, read a story to each other’s kids, or leave each other voice mails to stay in touch.

Collaborative Projects

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If you’re a work at home parent, chances are that you’re currently using some kind of collaboration software to work with your colleagues. These platforms often have smaller or free versions for personal use. Set up an online photo album together or work on a story or script together. Kids can even play writing and story games using email or google docs.

Make Plans

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Brainstorm ideas for special things that you might do together once you’re all together, physically, again. Start an email thread, use your preferred messenger app, or even just send each other silly TikToks or video messages with ideas.


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