5 Online Learning Resources for Families

A Boy and his father pointing at something on a laptop screen

With regular school and work schedules interrupted, learning from home is quickly becoming the norm for families everywhere. Even if your child’s school isn’t yet offering a remote learning option, there are plenty of online learning resources families can access to bring lesson plans home.

These sites have free videos, interactive lessons, and even daily schedules for a variety of ages from preschool and kindergarten through high school. Browse these resources to find journeys through science, math, reading, arts, and coding . . . all you need is an Internet connection.


Scholastic Learn at Home offers a day-by-day curriculum for multiple age ranges, from preschool to middle school. Preschool lessons include topics like “Animal Babies” and “Earth and Space,” and elementary lessons include topics like “Domino Designer” and “Hottest/Coldest Places.” Each planned day includes four unique learning experiences designed around a meaningful story or video. Kids can complete the lessons at their own pace or make them family projects.

Khan Academy Kids

Sal Khan’s expansive online learning academy has a special app just for younger learners called Khan Academy Kids. With no required subscription and no ads, the focus is on the learning in this free award-winning program. The Khan Academy team has even released daily schedules to help give families structure and spark ideas during school closures, and the schedules are organized by age, covering preschool through high school.


Want your kids to get an early start in computer sciences? Code.org is a nonprofit teaching resource with a mission to expand computer science access, especially for women and underrepresented youth. The Code.org curriculum is used in schools all over the United States, and has plenty of online material for learning at home. Even kids as young as kindergarten age can get started making their own games, apps, or computer drawings in the Code Studio.

PBS Learning Media

PBS offers an enormous array of subjects in their online learning platform – world languages, math, health and physical education, the arts, and much more, including a whole section for preschool. The dedicated student page is easy to navigate by subject, and students can follow along a prescribed path from their own school or families can plan their own explorations through the subjects.

Mystery Science

One of the top online science learning tools, Mystery Science, has pulled some of its most popular lessons into a collection of free learn-at-home experiences, no login needed. Mini-lessons range from kindergarten to fifth grade. For more lessons, parents can also sign up for a weekly email with videos exploring questions like, “Why do we get goosebumps?” and “Can a turtle live outside of its shell?”


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