7 Passover Books to Read With Your Preschooler

While preschoolers will be too young to grasp the details of the Passover story, they will understand, and get excited about, some of the traditions and symbols. Teach children about getting ready for Passover, welcoming guests and family, setting a seder plate, and finding the Afikomen with these fun read aloud books.

And Then Another Sheep Turned Up by Laura Gehl

And Then Another Sheep Turned Up

Every time this family of sheep gets ready to celebrate their seder, someone else shows up at the door. Can they make more room?

Afikomen Mambo by Rabbi Joe Black

Afikomen Mambo

Rabbi Joe Black’s lyrics set a joyful tone and build anticipation for the Passover seder and the traditional, joyful hunt for the afikomen.

Company's Coming by Joan Holub

Company's Coming

Family and friends arrive to visit and take part in a family’s Passover celebration. The Four Questions are asked, foods on the seder plate are sampled, and there’s a hunt for the afikomen.

Dayenu! A Passover Song by Miriam Latimer


A family is shown celebrating together, while the lyrics from one of the most well-known and best-loved Passover songs and accompanying illustrations depict the Israelites’ departure from Egyptian slavery and their exuberant walk toward freedom.

Is It Passover Yet? by Chris Barash

Is It Passover Yet

This family is cleaning, prepping, and coming together for a very special holiday -- but how will the children know when it’s here?

The Littlest Levine by Sandy Lanton

The Littlest Levine

Poor Hannah. She’s always being told she’s too little for this, too little for that. But now that Passover is almost here, the day is coming when being the littlest Levine means having a very big role indeed.

More Than Enough: A Passover Story by April Halprin Wayland

More Than Enough A Passover Story

When we sing "Dayenu" ("it would have been enough") during the Passover seder, we're singing about Torah, Shabbat, and freedom. In this story, we notice so many more things to be feel grateful for as we enjoy the springtime pleasures of Passover.

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