PJ Library and The Fountainheads: Dayenu!

Dayenu!: A Favorite Passover SongCONTINUING THE FUN TREND of creating Jewish holiday-themed videos parodying pop music hits, the Ein Prat Fountainheads introduced “Dayenu, Coming Home,” in 2011. The Passover Fountainheads video joined the ranks of other popular holiday-themed YouTube parodies as it presented its own mashup of songs.

The Fountainheads video references the well-known and much-loved Passover song “Dayenu!” For PJ Library families in the Apples & Honey (6 months to 2 years) age group, this could be particularly interesting.

Going out to some readers in that age group this month is the PJ Library selection, Dayenu! A Favorite Passover Song. The book presents a cheerful rendering for the very young of perhaps the most well-known and beloved Passover song.

Each year, Jews around the world celebrate the ancient exodus from Egypt by recounting the many wonders of the time, ending each musical verse with the refrain "It would have been enough…!" Dayenu! underscores this celebration, depicting a family celebrating together. The lyrics from the Passover song are accompanied by illustrations that tell of the Israelites’ departure from Egyptian slavery and their exuberant walk toward freedom.

Before reading your copy of Dayenu! aloud to your child, you may want to get yourself in the mood by watching the aforementioned Fountainheads video:

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