PJ Library Saved Our Passover

We often get letters from PJ Library families attesting to the benefits of the program. It's not often, however, that a letter-writer gives PJ Library credit for saving their Passover.

Read this unique letter from a PJ subscriber:

Dear PJ Library,

I just wanted to share this story to let you know how valuable your work is and how impactful the books are in our lives.

Due to unusual circumstances and family illness, I found myself unexpectedly at home alone with my two boys (5 and 2) on Passover. I had resigned myself to the fact that we weren’t going to be celebrating it this year, despite being disappointed in the decision.

We were on the couch when I saw the PJ Library book we had received for Passover. I thought, we can at least read about Passover, even if we weren't planning to celebrate.

The boys enjoyed the book and, when I got to the inside of the back cover that discussed the details, I thought, “Why don’t we have a seder, even though it will be less than optimal?”

The kids were excited so we went into the kitchen and did the best we could. On our seder plate was:
  • A cut-out bone my son made of construction paper

  • A ginger root for horse radish

  • Charoset made out of pears and cashews (no apples in the house)

  • A hard-boiled egg

  • Broccoli (no parsley in the house)

  • Matzah

The best part was that, as I was making haroset and boiling the egg, I told the story of the Exodus to the children with voices for all the characters and every plague. We even opened the door for Elijah (my son refused to close it).

Although it was clearly not a traditional or kosher seder, I told the story and we had it. It was the best seder I’ve ever had, and I’m proud when my son walks around the house saying “Let My People Go!

It was your book that prompted the energy and inspiration, and I thank you for it.

Please know we appreciate the books and love them. I have read "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins" as well as "The Only One Club" a thousand times. Thank you for bringing these books into our lives.

Love and Gratitude,
Norma, PJ Parent in East Bay, CA

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