Why We Chose This Book: Ten Old Men and a Mouse

A group of old men looking at a mouse


Some PJ Library books highlight Jewish customs and rituals. Others emphasize values and traditions. Some, frankly, are just kind of fun! Ten Old Men and a Mouse does it all. Day in and day out, these ten aging men shuffle into their aging synagogue to make a minyan, a quorum of ten, for the daily prayers.

Every day is much the same - that is, until a mouse comes on the scene. At first the men agree that they should set a trap - but soon find themselves warming up to their surprise guest. Finally, in the spirit of tza'ar ba'alei chayim, the Jewish value of caring for animals, the men give in and welcome the first new member of their synagogue in 35 years. The Book Selection Committee has been charmed by this book for years, which is why we have chosen to send it out again and again. The fact that it reminds some of us of our parents and grandparents might have a lot to do with it! But more than that, this title is sweet, warm, and funny - and an excellent reminder of how important it is simply to show up for one another, day in and day out.


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