Why We Chose This Book: Max and the Not-So-Perfect Apology

Max and the Not-So-Perfect Apology book cover

Sometimes PJ Library sends our older readers an age-appropriate chapter book they can dive into. For these longer selections, we seek out compelling stories we think will keep them engaged. Max and the Not-So-Perfect Apology is one such gripping read. Weaving together the real-life modern struggles of being a kid with the fun fantasy of traveling back to biblical times, this story is a creative, thought-provoking, and, we hope, impactful ride.

The book’s modern-day main character, Max, is upset that his best friend Emma has started spending more time with another friend. While working on a big Hebrew school project, Max can easily relate to the jealousy between biblical brothers, Jacob and Essau. But when Max gets transported back in time to witness this sibling rivalry firsthand, he returns with more than just a history lesson. We hope your family will enjoy the story and some meaningful conversation about the importance and the art of a heartfelt apology.