Why We Chose This Book: Sheep Says Shalom

As soon as the PJ Library Book Selection Committee saw rough sketches of author-illustrator Ann D. Koffsky’s Sheep Says Shalom, we knew this would be a board book that would accomplish great things. The book’s clever accordion-fold format enables its colorful pages to be spread out into a long line. The front panels depict early morning scenes on a farm, where adorable Sheep greets each of her friends with a cheerful shalom (hello). The back side of the book features a setting sun and darkening sky which prompt Sheep to call out “Shalom” once again, this time wishing her friends a warm goodbye. As the moon rises, Sheep remembers that shalom has one more meaning, peace -- the perfect word for snuggling into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Koffsky’s unique book not only helps little ones understand the multiple meanings of the Hebrew word shalom, but the book’s ability to stand upright transforms it into an engaging tummy time tool. Eager to study the animals in front of them, babies will sometimes lift their heads, strengthening their arm and neck muscles as they listen to the book’s soothing repetitive phrases (“Shalom, Duck”, “Quack. Shalom, Sheep”), occasionally mimicking the text’s delightful animal sounds.

Whether families use this book as a Hebrew vocabulary builder, infant work-out device, or creator of many joyful (and peaceful) reading moments, we hope they’ll enjoy this rich, multi-layered board book as much as we do.

Shalom and Happy Reading!

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