Why We Chose This Book: A Zombie Vacation

Zombie Vacation Cover

Many of us not have been able to travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic this past year and a half, but thankfully books can transport us anywhere, anytime! In Lisa Rose’s new picture book, A Zombie Vacation, children and parents alike can follow along on the trip of a not-so-scary zombie taking a vacation for some much-needed relaxation. This isn’t your average tour of attractions in Israel, as the titular protagonist dislikes high-end hotels, fun amusement parks, and spectacular views.

Luckily for our zombie, the Dead Sea sounds like the perfect spot for the undead to get in some rest. The Dead Sea, known as Yam HaMelach, or “salt sea” in Hebrew, is extremely salty, meaning that no fish or plants can live in it. The Dead Sea also happens to be the lowest point on the planet (appropriate for grave-dwellers!). Our Book Selection Committee loved the fun and humorous tone of the book, which pairs well with Ángeles Ruiz’s delightfully morbid illustrations. The focus on the Dead Sea and its unique biological status will delight readers who are interested in science (STEM themes are always a plus), while also serving up plenty of laughs for those who just want to see a zombie try to relax away from all the happy people!