Hiding the Afikomen

If you're a kid, or a kid at heart, one of the most fun traditions associated with Passover is hiding –and finding–the afikomen.

What Is the Afikomen?

At the seder table, three matzahs are placed in a stack. Near the beginning of the seder, the middle matzah is broken in two pieces, and the larger piece of this matzah is called the afikomen.

Hiding the Afikomen

Customarily, the matzah is wrapped prior to being hidden. According to Rabbi Aaron Tendler in his “Hiding the Afikomen” piece on JewishAnswers.org, “We wrap the afikomen to re-enact the way that the Sons of Israel carried the dough out of Egypt.”

Afikomen Bag Projects for Kids

In the weeks and days prior to Passover, some Jewish families keep children excited about the coming holiday by letting them craft a fun wrap for the afikomen. Here are a few fun links to make your own:

Afikomen Bag Craft via kveller.com
Afikomen Bag in 30 Minutes via Bible Belt Balabusta
Family Fun: Afikoman Bag for Passover via Tori Avey

Books to Read

Looking for a cute book to read that shows children searching for the afikomen? Try these.

Hoppy Passover
by Linda Glaser

Company's Coming
by Joan Holub

Kippi and the Missing Matzah
by Louise Gikow