How to Learn Hebrew With Your Kids

Girl writing hebrew on a chalkboard

Even when the Jewish people did not use Hebrew as a daily language, millions of Jews still wrote and spoke with the Hebrew alphabet, or alef-beit. For centuries Hebrew was used only for prayer and text learning. The rebirth of Hebrew as a living, spoken language, thanks to the 19th century Zionist Eliezer Ben Yehuda, is widely regarded as one of the most successful language revitalization projects of all time, accompanying a culture that is as vibrant and varied as the language itself. Today, millions of people speak Modern Hebrew.

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So you’re ready to learn Hebrew – that’s awesome! But, where do you start? And if you don’t live near in-person classes or tutors, where can your kids learn? Check out this list of easy to access resources for building your vocabulary with your kids too.


Dad and son playing on  a phone app

Happily there are tons of great apps available, both free and paid, to help adults and kids learn new languages. Here are a few that PJ Library families and staff have tried and recommend to others:

Hebrew Basic Phrases
Free Hebrew by Nemo 


Daughter and mother reading a book

Story books are a wonderful way to familiarize your youngest children with Hebrew letters. You’ll be able to begin identifying the letters and pairing each with sound as you read along. Here are three fantastic PJ Library books to start introducing your smallest kids to Hebrew.

Browse all PJ Library titles about the Hebrew language.


Alef-Bet by Michelle Edwards

Recommended for ages 2 to 3

Gabi, a five-year-old whose passion for life is contagious, introduces both the Hebrew alphabet and the wonders of her family.

Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy! by Bara Bat-Shem

Recommended for ages 6 months to 2 years

Bringing a child into your family includes countless happy moments. This book recounts many of them -- but they are truly infinite!

My Face Book

My Face-Book by Star Bright Books

Recommended for ages 6 months to 2 years

Babies adore looking at faces -- whether they’re smiling or frowning, all expressions are captivating. This book offers up some Hebrew while also presenting a variety of fascinating baby faces. Your little one will want to “read” these faces again.

Online Resources

Dad and daughter reading on a tablet

There are tons of great online learning tools available for families getting started on their Hebrew journey. Grown-ups can use e-learning courses, video chat with tutors, or join social media groups dedicated to learning.

Jewish Interactive’s JiTap site offers a wealth of Jewish learning modules and community-created content dedicated to helping children learn Hebrew. Here are three fantastic games from the site to get your family started:

Ji Aleph-Bet
Hebrew Pictionary with Yali
Fun First Hebrew Words


Mom, dad, and son watching a video on a laptop

Infuse a little Judaism in to screen time. Both Shalom Sesame and BimBam’s Shaboom! series introduce children to Jewish values as well as Hebrew words and pronunciations. Check out a few videos below to get started:

Shalom Sesame Hebrew Language Playlist


Introducing Shaboom! via BimBam


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