A Tu B'Shevat Playlist

Are you looking for some special Tu B’Shevat music to listen to with your family? Cue up one of these videos to enjoy some contemporary tunes with special holiday messages. All of these artists are also featured on JKids Radio! Stream music from your desktop or our free app by visiting jkidsradio.com.

“Earth Turning” by Melita

Learn about the planet with Melita—a great song to kick off a Tu B’Shevat themed tot Shabbat celebration.

Eitz Chayim: Tree of Life” by Naomi Less and Matt Check

Get ready for a fusion of blue grass and Hebrew, yes, Hebrew, with Naomi Less and Matt Check’s new take on a classic.

“Mundo Verde/Green World” by Mister G

Inspire your little environmental stewards with Mister G’s lively bilingual conservation themed anthem. Kids—and grownups—will love the beautiful illustrations and animation in the music video too.

“Tu B'Shvat” by Josh and the Jamtones

Shimmy and shake like a tree blowing in the wind to this ska-infused celebration.

“Tu Tu Tu B'shevat” by Joanie Leeds

Follow along with Joanie Leeds and plant some trees for Tu B’Shevat!

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