Green Thumb Training for Tu B'Shevat

Caring for plants is fun and can be done any time of year. In honor of the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees, we offer a few winter, indoor suggestions for nurturing a green thumb in your children.

Make it Grow in a Virtual Tu B'Shevat Garden

The PJ Library app Make It Grow gets your kids practicing making the earth green by planting parsley and trees. Download a free version of the app for your device here.

How (and Why) to Plant Parsley

The Bible Belt Balabusta explains that planting parsley connects our early spring holiday with our main spring holiday — plus she provides step-by-step instructions for doing it. Read a story like Planting Parsley or Thank You, Trees! as you do your planting. Your Tu B'Shevat parsley will grow in time for your Passover seder! Check out some of our favorite recipes using parsley.

Start a Garden Using Food Waste

Get a jump on summer-time planting by turning your leftover salad into a starter garden! You'll be celebrating Tu B'Shevat, saving the earth, and honoring the Jewish value of bal taschit all at once.

Grow a Tree from a Pit

In this Hungry Mouse blogpost, writer Jessie Cross provides thorough instructions for turning an avocado pit into a viable sapling. The California Avocado Commission concurs with Cross’s perspective, providing their own pit-planting instructions.

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