All of the Passover Printables You Need

Two small children pose with their moms and a lit Hanukkah menorah.
Whether you're sharing Passover via zoom this year or with relatives in your "pod", chances are you might find yourself in need of a kid-friendly activity or some decorations. And that's where this mega-list of Passover-themed printables come in.  

Printable Passover Scene 

Make the Passover story interactive with these little paper scenes.

Passover Card Game 

Who knows about Passover? Find out with this lively and fun stop and start family card game. This is a perfect "play along" to help young children engage during your seder.

Question Catcher 

Did you make origami "future tellers" as a child? Inspire your family to ask questions, big and small, with these printable "question catchers." Download the template, print, and then fold. 

The River Ride (Passover Story) 

The Passover story as told in 10 scenes becomes a tablescape for your child-friendly seder. You can also watch an animated version of this same story. 

Pre-Seder Checklist 

Print this easy to follow checklist and keep it on your fridge to make sure you have everything you need for your seder.

Mad Libs-Style Games

Tweens have got Passover down--they know how to sing the four questions, hunt for the afikomen, and maybe even help make the charoset. Get silly with family or friends by playing with some Passover-themed word games. The printable includes three different Passover-themed games to fill out: a recipe, a story, and a unique spin on the four questions.