Why We Chose This Book: Mitzvah Pizza

Mitzvah Pizza

Based on a real pizzeria, Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger, is a heartwarming story about fathers and daughters, fast friendship, and a young girl realizing her own agency to do a mitzvah (literally a “commandment” and often used to describe a good deed).

Missy’s favorite day is “Daddy Day” and this “Daddy Day” her allowance is burning a hole in her pocket. But how should she spend it? Missy and her dad stop for a slice at a pizzeria to discuss. In line, Missy meets Jane who is also getting a slice of pizza with her dad, but they pay with sticky notes taken from the pizzeria’s wall. Jane says it’s the same as money, but Missy is not so sure. Then her dad explains: people can use the sticky notes to buy pizza if they don’t have enough money. People can also donate to the Piece O’ Pizza Fund and put a sticky note on the wall to help feed everyone.

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After a joyful afternoon in the park playing with her new friend, Jane, Missy finally knows how she wants to spend her allowance: on sticky notes for pizza!   

Filled with colorful artwork and warmth, Mitzvah Pizza addresses economic disparity with empathy and sensitivity, while instilling important lessons in the power of mitzvot – and that is why the PJ Library Book Selection Committee chose this book.