Why We Chose This Book: The Miracle Seed

The Miracle Seed, written and illustrated by Martin Lemelman, is an amazing true story that blends ancient Jewish history with modern science. The book tells the story of Dr. Sarah Sallon and Dr. Elaine Solowey, who teamed up in 2004 to attempt the improbable: to grow a species of date tree that had been declared extinct. To do this, they would need to bring life to seeds that archaeologists had found preserved from ancient Judea, the land we now know as Israel.

We find The Miracle Seed captivating as it transports us back to the time of the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire, where the beloved Judean date palm trees were completely wiped out. Centuries later, Doctors Sallon and Solowey fight a different kind of battle –– they are determined to make a scientific breakthrough by bringing back a delicious piece of Jewish history that was believed to be lost.

Lemelman's vivid illustrations make it even more enjoyable to travel through time in Israel, where the story’s themes of resilience and surviving harsh conditions remain as relevant as ever. It’s not just the ancient seeds, but also the unstoppable female scientists persevering through all obstacles, making The Miracle Seed a book we think will stay firmly planted in your family’s collection.