No-Fail Holiday Gifts for Families of Any Observance

So you’ve just met a cool new family at a PJ Library event and you’re getting together – that’s fantastic! You’re making some cookies to bring as a dessert when it strikes you: Are all of your ingredients kosher? Do they have nut allergies? If they do keep kosher, do they follow the same observance as you? Should you bring a beverage instead? A game for the kids to play?

The Jewish community is incredibly diverse, and different families have different ways of participating in Jewish life. Your new friends might have a strictly kosher kitchen or eschew technology on Shabbat. Or they might be folks who are still figuring out what being Jewish means for their family. Regardless, there are a few tried and true gifts you can give for holidays, get-togethers, or special occasions that work for all observance levels.

Card Games

Bring UNO or another similar card game for kids to play, or gift a few packs of card deck-based games like memory for a low-key game night. Toys with batteries or tons of prep are usually non-starters for families with strict Shabbat observances.

Trivets or Dishes

Bring things to put food on or in instead of food itself! Instead of stressing over food prep and dietary restrictions, bring an actual dish or a trivet made by a local maker.

Homemade Cards

You can’t go wrong with handmade cards, especially when they’re customized by the kids.

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