7 Hanukkah Books for Kindergartners

It’s time for Hanukkah! Your kindergartener has a good handle on the holiday traditions, understands the story, and has made the best hand-print menorah of all time. So, now what? Well, grab one of these lively picture books, a tasty sufganiyot, and settle in for some quality story time and snuggles after you light the candles.

A Hanukkah With Mazel

A Hanukkah With Mazel by Joel Stein

Poor Misha! He spends Hanukkah all by his lonesome...until Mazel, a hungry barn cat, strolls into his life. Misha may not have enough money to light Hanukkah candles, but with a little luck -- or Mazel! -- he can use his art to bring some light to the holiday.

The Eighth Menorah

The Eighth Menorah by Lauren Wohl

Sam loves celebrating Hanukkah with his family -- and especially his grandma. But when his class makes menorahs in school, he’s worried -- his family has a lot of menorahs. He comes up with a plan so that this new menorah has the best home ever.

The Golem’s Latkes

The Golem’s Latkes by Eric Kimmel

When a rabbi leaves his housemaid in charge while he visits the emperor, a golem -- a creature made from clay -- comes to life and creates more latkes than the city can contain.

Hanukkah Bear

Hanukkah Bear by Eric Kimmel

Bubba Brayna has invited the rabbi to join her in a lovely Hanukkah dinner! But Bubba Brayna is very old, and she doesn't see very well. When a guest arrives at her door, she thinks it's the rabbi...but it's not. And this guest is hungry!

Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles

Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles by David Adler

Sara and her family are getting ready for Hanukkah -- which means delicious foods, including cookies! But then she notices one man who doesn’t seem to eat much at all, let alone Hanukkah treats. Sara decides to try and help.

Karen Fisman

Nonna’s Hanukkah Surprise by Karen Fisman

Rachel’s Italian grandma, Nonna, doesn’t celebrate Hanukkah, so Rachel plans to bring Hanukkah to her house. When her plans go awry, Nonna makes it all okay.

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas by Pamela Ehrenberg

Sadie’s family has both a Jewish and Indian background, so at Hanukkah they eat dosas, traditional Indian pancakes. But they get locked out just before their Hanukkah party! Who will save the day?


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