5 Hanukkah Songs Your Family Will Love

Are you looking for some special Hanukkah music to listen to with your family? Cue up one of these videos to enjoy some contemporary tunes with special holiday messages. All of these artists are also featured on, JKids Radio! Stream music from your desktop or our free app by visiting jkidsradio.com.

“Bring in the Light” by Michelle Citrin


The major ritual of Hanukkah is lighting the menorah and saying the blessings. Hanukkah is all about light and bringing light to the world. Set the tone for your celebrations with this beautiful song from Michelle Citrin.

“Chanukah Time” by Josh and the Jamtones

Does your family love to dance and move? Get shaking with this upbeat holiday themed track from Josh and the Jamtones.

“Nightlights” by Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights

This song is all about finding light and the comfort and strength that even small lights shining in the darkness can bring. Take a listen, and learn more about ways to bring in the light this Hanukkah with these activities, recipes, and tips.

“Hanukkah” by Mister G

Mister G describes all of his favorite Hanukkah traditions in this surf-rocky ear worm.

“Sevivon” by Felicia Sloin

A very sweet take on the classic dreidel song and game. Have fun spinning!

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