Our Favorite Recipes of 2016

This year we got cooking - a lot! You told us that you love cooking together as a family so we scoured the internet, tried a few recipes, and called on PJ moms to share tasty, kid-friendly, easy to make, kosher dishes for holidays, quick snacks, and Shabbat dinners. Here are five new dishes we found that PJ families (and staff) love.

Here's to more cooking (and eating) together in 2017!

Sticky Honey Drumsticks

The honey chicken drumsticks that we sent with our Recipes for the High Holidays were an across the board hit. To see how easy they are to make, watch this video on our Facebook page. You’ll also get great tips for how to make a vegetarian version of the recipe and ideas for other ways to use that tasty honey marinade.

Roasted Broccoli

Have a kid (or grownup) on your hands who insists they won’t, can’t, don’t, eat broccoli? Try this recipe—it will change their minds for good. Do you have an extra box of matzah lying around? You can also make cheddar matzah crisps for a weekday snack or to go with delicious tomato soup.

Quinoa Tabouleh Salad

Did you grow PJ parsley last year? This recipe makes use of leftover parsley to make a tasty salad great for picnics or outdoor activities. While we made this after Passover, this salad is fun to eat any time of year—and would be fun to eat in your sukkah too.


To help celebrate Shavuot, we shared five easy recipes we found on parenting blogs and activity sites from around the web. These cheesecake variations were all so yummy, we couldn’t pick just one to share.

Donut holes

Donut holes and sufganiyot, or jelly donuts, are a tasty Hanukkah treat, but let’s be real – donuts are fun to make any time of the year. The secret to this semi-homemade recipe? Pizza dough! Watch our Facebook video to see just how easy these are to make.

Looking for more great food for your family to try? Check out 5 Snack Foods From Israel Your Kids Will Love.

You can find all of our recipe posts here.

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