Courageous Children & the Value of Ometz Lev

Courageous Children & the Value of Ometz LevOMETZ LEV LITERALLY MEANS “courage of the heart” in Hebrew. It represents a Jewish value that is central to how we retell the story of Hanukkah.


It was ometz lev that empowered Mattathias to refuse to bow down to the foreign idol, and it was ometz lev that inspired the outnumbered Maccabees to battle the Assyrian Greeks.



Just as these ancient folk overcame their fears, so too must our children be empowered to do so. We can encourage our children to develop the qualities of perseverance and courage (ometz lev) and build strength of character.


A good way to introduce children to ideas about perseverance and courage is to read a children's book together relating to the topic.


Timely selections might include:


For a complete list of PJ Library books reflecting the value of ometz lev visit our Ometz Lev--Jewish Values page.


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