Why We Chose This Book: Big Bad Wolf’s Yom Kippur

Big Bad Wolf’s Yom Kippur brings the classic kid-lit character into a Jewish story with universal themes. You don’t need to be familiar with previous tellings of the infamous wolf’s exploits, harassing Little Red and her Granny, or huffing and puffing and demolishing the homes of little pigs. Author David Sherrin makes Wolf’s badness clear, but offers him a new path, a new story that asks the profound question — what if "bad" is just how someone behaves when they haven't been shown enough good?

Could a neighborly invitation, a rabbi’s love and wisdom, and the support of a community help even a legendary villain make positive changes? With Sherrin’s imaginative writing and Martín Morón’s cinematic illustrations, this is not like any Yom Kippur story we’ve seen before. But its uniqueness, cleverness, and powerful message go way beyond that. We’re happy to have Big Bad Wolf in the PJ Library lineup because, despite his name, we think he’s able to do a lot of good.


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