Why We Chose This Book: Oh No, George!

Oh no, George book Cover

How can you tell if a children’s book is truly terrific? It’s read again and again (and again). When the Book Selection Committee first came across Chris Haughton’s Oh No, George!, we knew right away that this title would be put on instant replay in PJ Library households.

The book isn’t overtly Jewish, but it has an unmistakably Jewish message. Spoiler alert: the title character, George the Dog, keeps messing up. His yetzer hara (evil instinct) keeps getting the better of him. But he makes amends and sets a goal to do better, which is a perfect example of teshuva, the practice of atoning for our mistakes. What could be more appropriate at the Jewish New Year?

We suspect that preschoolers will recognize themselves in George, which is why we think parents will find themselves reading this multiple times, but the book is so funny and sweet, we don’t think they’ll mind.