4 No-Prep Family Activities to Enjoy Outside

The Schmutzys from the PJ Library book The Schmutzy Family by Madelyn Rosenberg — are — well, schmutzy. All week long they’re outside, wading, digging, playing, and generally making a big mess. Thanks to their laidback approach to schmutz, the Schmutzys get lots of outdoor playtime. Researchers say nature play benefits kids on physical, cognitive, and emotional levels (plus it’s fun!). So stock up on laundry detergent (and maybe some bug spray) and shoo your family out the door.


The Schmutzy Family


Young Girl Playing in Sprinkler

Turn on the hose, set up the sprinkler, or just fill some buckets and get silly and wet. A little bit of water can provide a LOT of fun on a hot day.


Boy Playing in Mud

“Bake” some mud pies. Add a little water to dirt and you’ll have a fantastic tactile learning experience. Bring your playdough tools outside to make a mud pie bakery.


Woman and Girl Eating Hotdogs by the FireEating outdoors – even if it’s just for snack-time – can be way more fun than eating indoors. Plus the clean-up is easier too. If it’s Friday, invite some friends and enjoy a Shabbat picnic. Try one of these kid-friendly foods for a Shabbat picnic.


Woman and Girl Eating Hotdogs by the Fire

A well-supervised evening campfire is a cozy setting for family time. Search the night sky for stars and enjoy some s’mores.


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