Build a Micro-Sukkah Inside

lego sukkah

Building a micro-sukkah out of Legos.

Before you know it, it will be time for Sukkot. The fall harvest holiday is characterized by the building of sukkot (singular: sukkah), so much so that the holiday’s name takes after the structure.

While a sukkah can serve many different purposes, traditionally it is intended to resemble a home of sorts – a place in which to host meals and where some people even sleep. Let’s be realistic though — building a sukkah may not be a feasible reality for your family if you’re short on physical space, sweat equity, or time.

An alternative activity is the simple, imaginative practice of building a micro-sukkah. As its name suggests, a micro-sukkah is a miniature version of a sukkah typically made out of things you find around you. You can build one outdoors with leaves, sticks, and grass, or indoors with things like Legos or cardboard boxes. The finished product can make a great home for all of those stuffed animals or figures that never seem to make their way back to the toy box.

Whether big or small, there are a few simple architecture rules that sukkot should follow. Like any hut or fort, you need some walls and a roof. Sukkot need at last two complete walls and part of a third. You can be ambitious and build all four, but don’t forgot to create a way in and out.

The roof covering, known as s’chach, should be made of material that grew from the ground, like bamboo or leafy branches. You need enough of it to protect the sukkah inhabitants from the rain, but not so much that you wouldn’t be able to see the stars at night.

As beautiful as your sukkah may be, remember: it’s not meant to be permanent. Even the most stable, well-decorated sukkot come down when the holiday is over. After you return all the parts to their places, you can start imagining how next year’s sukkah can be even better. And who knows — if next year you find yourself with some extra physical space, sweat equity, and time, you can construct a full-size sukkah under the stars!


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